CKCSC, USA & AKC CH Harrington Covington Once Upon A Time

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea finished her CKCSC, USA Championship in just 4 single days of showing.  She breezed through her AKC Championship as well and picked up a major at the Columbia River specialty, piloted by Amy Rutherford.

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CKCSC, USA CH & AKC GCH Covington Designed By Time

Eng, CKCSC, USA CH & AKC GCH Brookhaven Believe It Or Not, ROM

CKCSC, USA CH & AKC GCH Pascavale Smarty, ROM

Brookhaven Twilight

AKC GCH Covington Hot Dish At Rockcreek

AKC CH Gayhalo The Gambler

AKC CH Covington Parchment Perfect

AKC GCH Covington Sassenach

Gayhalo Jackpot

CKCSC, USA CH Angel's Pride Love Vegas

Charnell Frolic

Covington Touche

Covington Locked And Loaded

CKCSC, USA & AKC CH Covington A Touch Too Much